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Summaries of Book Chapters

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American Democracy in Peril: eight challenges to America's future - Hudson, William E.

Boundries: readings in deviance, crime and criminal justice - Ostertag, Stephen

Crime and Punishment in America: why the solutions to America's most stubborn social crisis have not worked--and what will - Currie, Elliott

From Poor Law to Welfare State: a history of social welfate in America - Trattner, Walter I. 

God is Not Great: how religion poisons everything - Hitchens, Christopher

I'm Dysfunctional, You're Dysfunctional: the recovery movement and other self-help fashions - Kaminer, Wendy

Imprisoning Communities: how mass incarceration makes disadvantaged neighborhoods worse - Clear, Todd R.

Investigative Reporting: advanced methods and techniques - Ullman, John

Law and Order: images, meanings and myths - Valverde, Mariana

Media, Crime, and Criminal Justice: images and realities - Surette, Ray

Shame of the Nation: the restoration of of apartheid schooling in America - Kozol, Jonathan

Social Psychology of Drug Abuse, The - Sussman, Steve and Susan L. Ames

Tabloid Justice: criminal justice in an age of media frenzy - Fox, Richard L., Robert W. Van Sickel, and Thomas L. Steiger


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